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In india most of the toy helicopters are usually purchased for small children. Children below the age of 5 are always restless and parents have to keep them busy so that they do not get into trouble. Based on reviews posted on Amazon and other websites, most people are purchasing the helicopters for small children who will otherwise start crying. Others are giving the toy helicopters as gifts to their nephews, neices and othe children

Most of the buyers claim that the children are very happy with the helicopter toy, especially if it works properly. The toy usually has led lights at the bottom part, so when it is flying, it is fascinating for the child. It is good for making children stop crying.

Though the specifications for the toy helicopters state that it is for children who are 5 years or olders, it appears that a majority of people are using the helicopters for smaller children. In this case, the adults are using the toy. There also some businesses in India who are renting helicopters for use for functions, events like weddings, where they are used for showering petals or similar applications.

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